Proposed budget following distribution of Hyphen

In November every year the Town Council has to submit its Precept requirements to BCBC.  This is before BCBC sets its Budget and anything that BCBC intends to cut during its Budget preparations is unknown to the Town Council beforehand. The precept is governed by the Town Council budget. Any additional expenditure not budgeted for by the Town Council or indeed any impact of service cuts to the community of Pencoed will have to be met from the balances brought forward.

In 21/22 the Precept was increased by £5000 to cater for some increases brought about by the Pandemic. In 22/23 the precept/budget was not increased as it was felt that in the economic climate being faced it would not be appropriate. The precept was again not increased in 23/24, which meant that the budget would remain the same, however, during 23/24 it was known that the Council’s expenditure was likely to be exceeded, the budget and any overspend would need to be financed from balances.

For the Budget 24/25, in the knowledge that again there would be an increase in expenditure on certain heads of account a comprehensive overview was undertaken to establish a meaningful draft Budget in accordance with the The Finance & Governance Toolkit for Community and Town Councils Nov 22 edition, consequently, in the document issued there are a number of increases which are related in the main to the actual expenditure likely to be incurred during 23/24. In April 24 the draft Budget for 24/25 will be reviewed as a result of any balances remaining.

Increases that have occurred to date in 23/24 are attributable to:

The Council has become aware of some areas of concern and would be respond as follows:


If any member of the public would like further clarification on Budget matters, you should raise them directly with clerk;


Description Budget 2024/5
Staff Salaries (net) £75,000
PAYE £14,000
Pension £3,250
Building Costs £8,500
Office Supplies £2,500
Telephone £1,300
Photocopier £1,500
Insurance £3,500
Audit Fees £1,200
Professional Fees £0
Election Fees £0
Affiliation/Conference Fees £1,500
Mileage £200
Training £1,500
Training Plan £1,000
Equipment Purchase £1,000
Vehicle Leasing £4,600
Vehicle Running Costs £1,700
Flowers £250
Playing Fields/Pavilion £10,000
Cenotaph £0
Hanging Baskets £4,000
Entertainment £1,000
External Comms £1,500
Amenities/Seats £1,000
Contingencies £3,500
Regeneration Strategy £20,000
Wellbeing £3,000
Grants/Special Projects/Events
Grants/Sponsorship £1,000
Fireworks £0
Christmas lights £9,000
Woodland’s maintenance £1,000
Civic Events £1,000
Members Allowances £3,000
VAT £10,000
Totals     £191,500